Beast's Pantry

Beast's Pantry

Beast's Pantry is open for business

On January 31st 2022, our trial run into the world of brick and mortar retail came to an end. They say when one door closes another one opens....but what I learned is you can't walk through the first door you come to.

When I started this brand I said I would never open a physical store. Brick and Mortar is dead!!!! I am going to sit home and just ship spices to the masses!!!! Well in August 2020 I was given the opportunity to open a retail location with very little risk. So I jumped at it.

It was a real learning experience and the things I learned was that I can do it better.

Several opportunities arose for me to open a store, but I needed to make sure is was sustainable and would work to fit my needs. Location, cost, square footage, functionality, and vibe. All these things needed to be taken into account for this to truly be mine.

I'm not gonna lie to you....when I found this spot, it was raw, it was rough, it was uninhabitable. I showed it to my inner circle and they all looked at me like I was INSANE! I couldn't blame them as they couldn't see what I could see. Like I said there were many factors involved to make it mine.

Well I guess you can see why they thought I was insane. Like I said, rough, raw and uninhabitable. I don't even dare show you the inside yet.....

Well it took me almost 6 months but the day arrived. On Sunday October 9th we opened for our first day!!



 Welcome to the Beast's Pantry

Beast's Pantry

3142 NY-Rt 207

Campbell Hall NY 10916

Store Schedule

  • Thursday: 11am-7pm
  • Friday: 11am-7pm
  • Saturday: 10am-6pm
  • Sunday: 9am-3pm



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  • Tina Consorti

    Hi Bill
    I love your store and love your spices I’m very happy with the oil infused in blood orange so delicious. And the teas I can go on
    I’ll be back

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