Kick Your Meals Into Beast Mode

Spice Beast products were created by beasts for beasts. Why? Because we want more flavor, more choices and more results. We know that the quality we put into our product will equal the quality (and results) you want to get out of your meal prep. It's that simple. Shake it on, eat it up, pump it out. Never settle for anything less than beast status.

Protein Enhanced Spice Blends

Spice Beast's Protein Enhanced Line called the "Pro-Line", has 16g of Organic Pea Protein per jar. These four specific protein blends were created to add robust flavor and additional protein in just a flick of the wrist. Whether you are a Professional Athlete, Amateur, Weekend Warrior, or Everyday Joe/Jane, what you fuel your body with is mandatory for a healthy lifestyle. These four blends can be used to spice up everything  breakfast, lunch or dinner. They can be used on Eggs, Salads, Vegetables and of course your Proteins. These even pair well with tofu!

Barbell-Bending Ingredients


Only the best. Even our packaging.

Spice Beast Seasonings are packed in glass jars, not plastic. Using glass jars will keep your spices fresher longer and protect you. The bottom line is that plastic is made from toxic materials. It’s a known fact that these toxins can leach into whatever they come into contact with. And it’s a known fact that when the compounds that make up plastic are ingested, they damage your body on a cellular level and cause health problems. What true beast would accept that?!