Exciting News

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Exciting News

As you are aware, Spice Beast added hot sauce to our line in September 2022 with two amazing flavors. Smoked Garlic Habanero: Beast Sauce and our Pineapple Habanero: Fuego de Pina.

Then in November 2023 we introduced our third sauce. Serrano, Green Onion and Lime: Why So Serious? Sauce

So what is this exciting news?

We have teamed up with a Tin Barn Brewing (a local brewery) to create our first beer inspired hot sauce.



So what is this hot sauce all about?

We went a little crazy with this one. I wanted spicy, I wanted complex, I wanted unique, I wanted delicious, and I wanted to add beer...

Well we created EXACTLY that!

We took their Liquid Secrets Imperial Stout and infused it with passion fruit, cocoa and agave along with some Carolina Reaper pepper and created Passionate Secrets.


This sweet, velvety smooth hot sauce is out of this world and was everything I expected it to be and more. You can taste the fruit, the cocoa and the sweet heat of Carolina Reaper.

This sauce will be available at Tin Barn Brewery Gift Shops, Beast's Pantry, and on our website

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