How to Cut Sodium and Still Enjoy Your Meals

How to Cut Sodium and Still Enjoy Your Meals

Salty foods play a big role in the American diet. Unfortunately, that’s why we have the highest rate of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke in the world. If you want to avoid serious health problems, the best thing you can do is cut the amount of sodium down in your diet.


Ideally, you should have less than 2,400mg of sodium each day. That measures out to roughly a teaspoon of table salt. But adding salt at the table isn’t the only way you’re getting too much sodium. You’re likely adding too much when you cook. And if you eat loads of processed foods, that’s the bulk of your excess sodium coming in.

Too Much salt?

So, how can you reduce your sodium intake? These quick tips will surely help you get back on the fast track to good health:

- Start cutting back on salt, using less and less each day.

- Remove your salt shaker from your table.

- Stick with fresh foods. You can also look for frozen or canned vegetables that have no salt added to them.

- Avoid processed foods.

- Rinse canned tuna to get rid of some of the excess sodium.

- Choose unsalted options on your nuts, seeds, and beans.

- Fall in love with salt-free seasoning blends.


Unleash Full Flavor Without the Salt

As a matter of fact, that last point is probably the most important one. For it is the way to still enjoy the foods you cook at home without a hint of salt. Relying on bold flavors from herbs and spices, it can transform your meals into something more extraordinary.


Good thing there’s the Salt Free Collection from The Spice Beast. There are 4 delicious seasoning blends in this collection, each of them without any salt added. These salt free seasonings include License to Dill, featuring a divine dill flavor that makes creating your own salad dressings or spring-style pastas a breeze.


Viva Pizzeria gives you such big Italian flavors that you won’t notice there’s no salt at all. The Garlic & The Glory lends that pungent garlic taste to everything you cook. Going for garlic to add those savory flavors you love is a surefire way to not miss added salt. And for a bit of spice, the Cajun Voodoo Dust can take your ribs, chicken, and meat dishes to the next level with bold and spicy flavors sans salt.


Grab them all and you’ll have all flavor angles covered to cook healthy meals that only taste like a cheat meal. All the taste without the salt to trip up your good health…now that’s something worth celebrating!



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