Karmic Seed is our second Partner on the Road to 10k

Karmic Seed is our second Partner on the Road to 10k

We have partnered with Karmic Seed for our second week

Who is Karmic Seed?

Karmic Seed happens to be a new company that I have a business relationship with outside of Spice Beast. Until I started doing business with them, I had never heard of this type of product before.

Karmic Seed manufactured biodegradable, reusable dinnerware made from the fallen leaves of Palm Trees, Coconut Shells, and bamboo. Honestly I think it is pretty amazing.

For our giveaway Karmic Seed is including 30 heart shaped plates to match with your choice of any three spice blends from out line.

So click below and enter our contest !!!!!



So close......yet.....so far

We are approximately 1,000 followers away from Instagram Holy Grail....10,000 followers. We have prided ourselves in not taking short cuts. To grow our fan base through organic and conventional means.

Don't you hate it when you are checking your account and you see some random post on one of your pictures that is either not relevant or asking for you to look at their page?

This is something that I refuse to do. All of the content we share is generated by us or our customers. Real people cooking real food in real time. I personally spend a few hours a day looking over our account and commenting where I see relevance or need.


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