New Year's Transformation Rules and Challenges

New Year's Transformation Rules and Challenges

It's Challenge Time

Here are the rules for entering the Challenge

  1. You must post each Challenge in your feed or story
  2. You must Tag @Supplementbros on every post to count
  3. Complete the daily & weekly challenges to earn points
  4. Earn points for each challenge
  5. Person with the most points wins

(2nd & 3rd place will also recieve a smaller prize)


Daily Challenges

Here is the list of the daily challenges and their point value

You can do these challenges every day and earn points....just post your video workout and tag @supplementbros

  • Push Ups: 10=1pt  20=2pt   30=3pt
  • Sit Ups: 10=1pt  20=2pt   30=3pt
  • Pull Ups: 5=1pt  10=2pt   15=3pt
  • Burpees: 10=1pt  20=2pt   30=3pt
  • Deadlifts: 5pt
  • Stair Master: 2pt
  • Treadmill: 1pt
  • Running Outside: 2pt
  • Stationary Bike: 1pt
  • Outside Cycling: 2pt

Week #1 Challenges

20pts: Repost contest post from @supplementbros IG page

5pts each: Follow @thespicebeast @theliftbx @isolatorfitness

10pts: Meal Prep Post (EXTRA CREDIT 5pts for using Spice Beast)

10pts: Curl in the Squat Rack

10pts: Lifting Chalk Clap in gym (EXTRA CREDIT 10pts if you say "Supplementbros" during the clap)


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