Submit Your Recipes

Calling all Beasts !!!!

Now its your time to shine....

For 2019 we will be featuring the delicious meals you have created using Spice Beast Spice Blends. It is amazing how creative you are!!

The purpose of this is two-folded. We want to make a Community where people can share their ideas and in turn get recognized for.....well.....being AWESOME !!!!


How to be a part of this awesome Community?

First thing you need is Spice Beast Seasonings....don't have them? Just email us at or direct message us on Instagram or Facebook and we will send you samples of whatever flavor you want to create with for FREE.

Then all you need to do is cook !!!!

Take as many pics as you want. Post them along with your recipe and directions to your Instagram or Facebook and tag us in it.

We will select one recipe a week and feature it on all of our channels.

What do you get for being a part of this??

Along with having your culinary masterpiece shared with the Spice Beast Community...if your recipe is will receive ONE FREE JAR of Spice Beast


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