Spice Beast Tests the Waters on Amazon

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Spice Beast Tests the Waters on Amazon

It seems that Amazon has pretty much taken over how people shop. "Super fast" delivery times, wide selection of product, additional benefits and FREE SHIPPING!

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Small businesses have to make many important decisions every day. One of them how to get your brand in front of as many people as you can for the lowest cost possible. If someone can master it and bottle it, they would have Elon Musk money!

We started our brand in 2017 and have grown slowly and steadily and are very proud of how far we have come. We owe 100% of this to you, the consumer. Obviously if you didn't support our brand, we would be nowhere.

November 1, 2021 Spice Beast went live on Amazon

Amazon does not make it easy. Between the monthly fees, percentage of sales, strict shipping policies and ad spend to get your product seen, it is truly a daunting task to be successful on the Amazon Platform.

So to start, Spice Beast has signed up for its "Dropship" program as opposed to the Prime program. The Dropship program has it's pros and cons. The biggest pro being that we control our own product. We personally fill every order and ship it out in the same timely manner that we always have.

Prime has SO MANY advantages but we are just not ready for that much of a product commitment. To qualify for Prime, we must send large quantities to the Amazon distribution centers. We would do this at our cost and would only receive compensation as things are sold. So being a small company that makes small batches at a time, this isn't something we are able to do at the moment.

If you are interested in getting our product through Amazon, make sure you search the whole site, not just Prime. We do offer free shipping and we will get it out to you just as fast and we normally would. All Spice Beast orders ship out next business day.

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