Do YOU have what it takes to be the beast of the week?

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Are you serious about your MEAL PREP?

Are you a BEAST in your kitchen?

Do you want to win FREE Spice Beast Seasonings?

We will be selecting one winner every week of 2018!

That's 52 chances to become part of the Spice Beast Family!

All you need to do is post a picture of you and your food on Instagram
Doesn’t matter if you use Spice Beast or not!!!!
We just want to see your prep!!!!
Rules for entry:
1. Snap a pic or video of you and your delicious meal prep creation and tell us what you cooked (feel free to use PicStitch or Layout to include yourself with your food)
2. Use the hashtag #spicebeastoftheweek
3. Follow us on Instagram @thespicebeast
4. Tag us in every entry
5. You may submit as many entries as you like as many weeks as you like
6. Winners will be selected on Sunday....why.... because on Sunday’s we MEAL PREP