Keto Lasagna by Maggie "The Ketogenic Mermaid"

My first time making a keto lasagna! It did NOT disappoint! I can’t take all the credit though. When I received these tomato wraps in this months The Keto Box my husband said to try making lasagna with them! He’s a smarty pants! This was DELICIOUS! Check out the macros at the end of the recipe too!!! Took all my self control to not go back for seconds LOL! self control I also made “garlic” bread using Ray's the Valley Flatbreads, YUM!! This lasagna is a must try if you have these wraps too!!  -Maggie Huynh

Keto Lasagna w/ Sweet Chicken Sausage

Ingredients -

Directions -

Preheat oven 350
Cook your ground chicken sausage till cooked through, add your 1/2 cup sauce, seasoning, & ricotta cheese. Combine. In a square casserole dish spread 2T of your sauce, layer your first wrap then top with some meat & cheese, repeat two more times. Sprinkle more Italian seasoning on top of you would like.
Bake till cheese is all melty & bubbly.

⭐️ Macros (using my ingredients)
Calories - 161, Fat - 8.9grams, Protein - 17.8grams, Carbs - 5grams, Net Carbs - 4.4grams


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