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Oh yes we did!

This just seemed like a natural progression of our brand. Over the past years we have set up at countless live events. From Farmer's Markets to the Arnold Fitness Expo, we have traveled the country to spread the word about our amazing line of all natural seasoning blends.

It never fails. At every event, at least one person says... "Ohhhh Hot Sauce!!"

We then go through the process of explaining that we do not make hot sauce.

So we decided to branch out and get into the "hot sauce biz"

Our first hot sauce is a Smoked Habanero-Garlic. We smoked the peppers and garlic over mixed hard wood to give them that deep smoky flavor. This sauce is bold with flavor and the heat is perfect.

Our hot sauces use fresh produce and are cooked in small batches. Each bottle is hand filled into 5oz wide mouth bottles and numbered.

We can't wait for you the add this to your collection!!!!